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01. Gothic Dreams
02. Unleash The Beast
03. Terminal Velocity
04. Circle Of Light
05. The Thin Red Line
06. Ministry Of Fools
07. The Preacher
08. Bloodletter
09. Cut Out The Disease
10. Absent Friends
11. All Hell Breaking Loose

Produced by: SAXON and Kalle Trapp




01. Gothic Dreams (1:33)


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02. Unleash The Beast (5:18)

Danger inside deep in your mind
Beware of the Beast that's within you
In towers of stone he walks alone
Close to the edge of your dreams

Unleash the Beast (*)
The time has come
Unleash the Beast
In everyone
Feel the fire in your soul
It's time
Unleash the Beast

Shrouded in time the end of your line
The curse of the past walks among you
In temples of gold you're myth will unfold
Your destiny waits there for you

(Repeat *)

In pages of old when fables were told
Of a time when the Beast was among you
In dark gothic rooms you search for the runes
To break from the spell that still binds you

Deep in the mist you can't resist
To follow the path that will free you
Like grains of sand
That slip through your hand
The end of the curse still cludes you

(Repeat *)

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03. Terminal Velocity (4:46)

Get your kicks in the edge of the sky
twenty miles up on the borderline
Feel the rush as your body drops through the air
Take a step right into space
Take the blast right in your face
Tumbling down, down towards the ground

Time has come, paid your dues (*)
Take a chance, light the fuse
In thirty seconds time
your at terminal velocity

Adrenalin rush on a maximum high
thirty thousand feet to the end of the line
Screaming down towards the world below
Push yourself out dive into air
Take a leap devil may care
Ride the wind across the open sky

(Repeat *)

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04. Circle Of Light (5:28)

You're far outside your body now looking down you see yourself below
Standing on the precipice you could be leaving soon the life you know
Waiting for your guardian
To take you up towards the astro plane

Follow me walking to the circle of light (*)
Follow me this could be the end of your life

Floating there above yourself
You watch the doctors try to save your life
Will you live or will you die
Your fate depends upon the surgeons knife
Detached from all reality
You let yourself be pulled towards the light

(Repeat *)

You listen to the voices now
They tell you that it's not your time to leave
Suddenly you feel the pain
Your body jerks and you begin to breathe
Through the haze you see the knife
Will this be the one to take your life

(Repeat *)

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05. The Thin Red Line (6:22)

You'd better sleep with your rifle
Keep your powder dry
Fighting for your country
See the colours fly
They'll be coming in the morning boys
You gotta hold the line
You're the men from Harloch
You are standing proud
You're the Queen's light infantry
Sing out loud
They'll be coming in the morning boys
You gotta hold the line

You came for the glory (*)
To fight and to die
You stood in the thin red line
Remember the heroes
When stories are told
They died in the thin red line

Stand stady in the ranks boys
You gotta hold your fire
We'll show them what we're made of
When they hit the wire
They'll be coming in the morning boys
You gotta hold the line
You'll be thinking of your love ones
That you left back there
Then the sound of the bugle
Cuts the cool night air
They'll be coming in the morning boys
We gotta hold the line

(Repeat *)

Now you lay with your comrades
Far across the sea
Where you fighting for the Empire
Did you die for me
They'll be coming in the morning boys
You gotta hold the line

(Repeat *)

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06. Ministry Of Fools (4:31)

Your talking on the TV every single day
Making stupid gestures nothing much to say
Deny responsibility find someone to blame
When it comes right down to it
You're all the fucking same

We're not listening, listening to you (*)
We're not listening, don't tell me what to do
We're not listening, listening to you
We're not listening, to the ministry of fools

We listen to your promises they're just a pack of lies
Manoevering your followers to draw the battle lines
You don't admit to anything you think you'll never fall
But come the revolution you'll be first against the wall

(Repeat *)

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07. The Preacher (4:57)

Would you let this stranger take your hand
Do you think he sees the promised land
Holy fire, holy water
Anoint the faithfull break the sacred breal
Will the message get inside your head
Let the Preacher take your hand

Come and stand among the chosen few (*)
Let the Preacher lay its hand on you

Fire and brimstone send you straight to hell
Gather round beneath the mission bell
Let the Preacher get your hand

(Repeat *)

See the mighty how they fall from grace
Bring your shame upon this chosen place
Holy fire, holy water

(Repeat *)

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08. Bloodletter (5:34)

You never see him out in the sunlight
He's waiting for the shadows to fall
Moving under cover of darkness
Searching for a victim to maul
Lock up your doors tightly
Keep all your windows shot
On this night the blood will flow
Flow before the dawn

In the night wrap up tight
Vampire strikes
Scream in the night keep out of sight

Roaming in the valley of darkness
Never moving far from the grave
Waiting at the edge of your nightmare
Seeking out the blood that he graves
So if you hear a tap on your window
You know that you're time has come
On this night the blood will flow
Flow before the dawn

(Repeat *)

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09. Cut Out The Disease (5:25)

You make your living from backstabbing
You're just a snake in hand made boots
You slither round like something slimy
Nothing's ever what it seems

Cut out the disease (*)
The lies and deceipt

You circle round just like a vulture
You're waiting for your piece of meat
Beneath your charm there's something hiding
The way you spin your vicious web

We did it all- we did it all for you
Once you were our friend
But you betrayed us in the end

Confrontation was your weakness
Evil lives behind that smile
You slither round like something slimy
You're just a snake in handmade boots

(Repeat *)

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10. Absent Friends (Song For J.J.) (4:57)

You went in the morning
We didn't say goodbye
The friends that you left here
Wonder why

I wish I could see you
Just for a day
Tell you we miss you
And ask you to stay

To absent friends (*)
This one's for you

You went without warning
We didn't even know
Just like the good ones
It was your turn to go

(Repeat *)

When we're together
You stand at our side
We'll raise our glasses
And toast you tonight

(Repeat *)

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11. All Hell Breaking Loose (4:31)

Dark clouds gather in the east
Calm before the storm
The devil sends his messager
Hurricane is born
Lightning strikes across the sky
The tempest has begun
Raging forces take control
Destruction soon will come

Tearing up smashing down rolling on and on (*)
Smashing through getting close the time to run has gone
Twist an turn on its path
Crashing through your valley
This is nature's killing ground
You're in Tornado alley

All hell breaking loose coming in your direction (**)
Screaming down across the sky
There is no protection

Turn your heads towards the sky
And pray for your salvation
But you can't stop this mighty force
It's not of your creation
Death and chaos all around
This is not a dream
Caught inside the defening roar
No one hears your scream

(Repeat * and **)

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14.11.2015 UK Gwynedd
Hard Rock Hell Festival  
15.11.2015 FR Paris
17.11.2015 DE Düsseldorf
Mitsubishi Electric Halle  


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