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Tracklist DVD 1

"To Hell And Back Again" (The Movie)
01. Intro
02. Lionheart Recordings
03. The Artwork
04. Back To Live
05. The Videos
06. Bring Lionheart on the Streets
07. Wacken Rocks
08. Saxon Over Russia
09. Release Party
10. The Tour Begins
11. UK Invasion 12 Cardiff
13. Wolverhampton
14. Glasgow
15. Southern Europe
16. Best Crew In The World
17. The Tour Comes To An End
18. Grande Finale
19. Circle Of Life
20. Outro
"To Hell And Back Again" (The Soundtrack)
01. Return
02. Lionheart
03. Dragons Lair
04. Backs To The Wall
05. Princess Of The Night
06. Jack Tars
07. English Man'o'war
08. To Live By The Sword/Unleash The Beast
09. In The Court Of The Crimson King
10. Wheels Of Steel
11. Dogs Of War
12. Crusader
13. 747 (Strangers In The Night)
14. Flying On The Edge

Tracklist DVD 2

01. Beyond The Grave
02. Witchfinder General
03. If I Was You
04. Let Me Feel Your Power
05. I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)
Saxon feat. Lemmy Kilmister, Angry Anderson,Andi Deris
06. You've Git Another Thing Comin'
Saxon feat. Doro Pesch "Rocksound Festivel"
07. Heavy Metal Thunder
08. Dogs Of War
09. Strong Arm Of The Law
10. Witchfinder General
11. Backs To The Wall
12. Solid Ball Of Rock
13. Motorcycle Man
14. Dragons Lair
15. To Hell And Back Again
16. Princess Of The Night
17. Wheels Of Steel
18. Crusader "Rock For Asia"
19. Man And Machine
20. Requiem (We Will Remember)

Produced by: Biff Byford

28.08.2015 US Boise, ID
Knitting Factory  
30.08.2015 US Denver, CO
Buffalo Rose  
01.09.2015 US Austin, TX
Cedar Park Center  


Wheels Of Steel
Strong Arm Of The Law
Denim And Leather
The Eagle Has Landed
Power And The Glory
Innocence Is No Excuse
Rock The Nations
Rock N' Roll Gypsies
Greates Hits Live
Solid Ball Of Rock
Forever Free
Dogs Of War
The Eagle Has Landed II
Unleash The Beast
Wheels / Strong Arm
BBC Sessions
Killing Ground
Heavy Metal Thunder
Eagle Has Landed III
The Very Best Of Saxon
The Inner Sanctum
Live To Rock
Into The Labyrinth
Call To Arms


The Saxon Chronicles
To Hell And Back Again
Heavy Metal Thunder - Live - Eagles Over Wacken