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Rob,Rich and Josh: Nottingham,Rock City

What a night and what a gig! Fury UK and Wolfsbane were great and the sound all night was very very good.Saxon were awesome they deserve there status as an awesome live act,no going through the motions here this is `True metal` so to speak.

One awesome performance of Old classics,new songs and a few surprises a super long set that blew the roof off we really hope you come back later in the year and we will certainly be there again thanks very very much,looking forward to the new album immensley.

Tuesday, 03 May 2011


HEY  GUYS,  WAITING  LIKE  HELL   FOR  THE  NEW  RECORD  NEXT  MONTH, AS  I  ALWAYS  SAY   IVE  BEEN  A  FAN  NOW  SINCE  EARLY  1981   AND  HAVE  BEEN  WITH  YOU  GUYS   ALL  THE  WAY,  THROUGH  THE  UPS  N  DOWNS,  REGARDLESS  OF  WHAT  ERA  IT  WAS  I  CAN  SAY  I  BOUGHT  EVERY  SAXON  RECORD  FROM  DENIM  AND  LEATHER    THROUGH  INNOCENCE,  ROCK  THE  NATIONS,  DESTINY   AND  ALL  THROUGH  THE  90S   AND  NOW   00S  IN  THE  FIRST  WEEK   THE  ALBUMS  CAME  OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!   I  DID  NOT  CARE  WHEN  SOME  OTHERS  WHERE  LAUGHING  AT  ME  WHEN  I  BOUGHT  DESTINY   IN  1988  OR  THE  ONES  WHO  THOUGHT  ROCK  THE  NATIONS  WAS  WEAK,  REGARDLESS  I  DID  ENJOY  THOSE  RECORDS,  IT  WAS  GREAT  IN  THE  90S  WHEN  YOU  RETURNED  TO  FULL  HEAd  on  metal  w/  solid  ball  of  rock  and  NEVER  LOOKED    back  at  the  us  market,  i  felt  albums  like    solid  ball,  forever  free,  dogs  of  war  and  unleash  the  beast  where  some  of  your  best  along  with  lionheart  and  inner  sanctum,  sadley   unlike  the  80s    it  is  rare  you  guys  play  the  us  but  it  was  great  to  see  you  in  1998  after   saxon  had  not  played  new  york  since  1988,  also   it  was  killer    when  you  came  back   in  00  with  udo  and   in   2002   for  killing  ground  as  well,   the   2009  show  at  bb  kings   was  awsome   and  very  well  attended,  with  the  news  of  you  booking  two  shows  in  tokyo    i  can  only  hope   you  guys  return  to  bb  kings  in  nyc  again   to  give  us  that  denim  and  leather  show (  last  year  i  was  praying  for  a  strong  arm  and  wheels  of  steel  show)    and  of  coarse  besides  denim  a

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Martin J.: St. Georges Day ...

Tonight was really fantastic  ...

A big thanks to the band for ...

'Playing on  ... '  

Oh and yeah i was at Donington in 1980 too

Keep up the good work guys


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Roy Thrower: Mr

Saw the guys at Bournemouth last night, absolutely awesome, great venue, great support band in Wolfsbane. This Saxon gig was up there in my top 5, and i've been gigging for 37 + years, rock as it ought to sound, and 2 hours on stage, they shame a lot of the other so called rock bands who short change their fans with 90 minute sets...great set list too, have a great St Georges day gig guys.....

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jay Bowles: Mr

Wow!!!! Saw you play at Bournemouth.... What a gig and what an awesome performance!!!!!!! I'm still buzzing :)

I took my 16 year old son and the look of joy on his face just put the cherry on the top. He is in two bands (lead guitar) and I think you've definitely added another layer to his musical inspiration. You're gonna get more cd sales out of him too!!!

To sum up Thank you for a fantastic night and as Wolfsbane urged we certainly made the most of our £20 ticket.... My voice is hoarse from singing and yelling!

Metal at it's best!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Philippa: Rock n' roll!!!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Gillian Henderson: Mrs


Just to let you know that me and my hubby dave were in the car talking about you guys last night, then...................Rock Radio played Hammer Of The Gods :-) just at that momment, even our little girl shouted Saxon lol!!!!

They had much praise for you saying, it was a monster song by a monster band and they recommened everyone get the album in there collection.  They said that Biff said it was your best album in 20 years. They also said that you are going down a storm on tour!!!!!!

I was soooooo EXCITED for you, YOU SOOOOOO DESERVE IT!!!!! We have always known you were legends :-) 

Have a lovley easter, and take care.  Love to you and your families xxxxxx   P.S MISS YOU GUYS ALREADY!!!!!!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

alex: brilliant gig

i have just got home from your gig in leeds and i am compleatly blown away you were fantastic and all the songs that you played off of the new album sounded excellent i love the song 'call to arms' and i cant wait for the album to come out, once again a really fantastic performance keep up the good work lads and come back to leeds soon.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Andrew: Hey

Fantastic gig in Newcastle this evening, was really nice to meet you afterwards Biff.

I'm a bit gutted its all over, I've been looking forward to the gig for ages and for it to all blow over in epic blaze of glory all at once, daw :(

Whole band was amazing and can't wait for next time! :D

Saturday, 16 April 2011


great gig last night in Glasgow, i thought the new songs were really brilliant......will definitely come back for more Saxon the next time when you stop in our lovely city!


respect and thanks for the hard work on stage - you really rock!



Friday, 15 April 2011


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