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Tour Podcast from Santiago

New SAXON Tour Podcast from Santiago de Chile online.


#8 Mauricio Talloni 2011-10-28 05:03
amigos de saxon:
fue un placer haberlos conocido y mas aun el agrado de atenderlos en el chilenazo.
verlos en su concierto(legendario en todo sentido)difrutar sus canciones, espero que no sea la unica vez, CHILE entero esta agradecio de su visita y del legado de su musica que para mi es heavy metal del puro,
no queda nada mas que agradecerles y esperar que vuelvan pronto.
Mauricio Talloni.
#7 Skarica 2011-10-23 18:47
... really amazing concert!, thanks for coming to Chile, I hope to return soon ...

more over I have the privilege to go out in the foreground, Saxon up !!!!!
#6 Carolina Ruiz 2011-10-23 03:41
Thanks for your visit, I was waiting for this moment...a lot of years!!!!. It was like a dream!!. Nice to meet you all...and 'till next time!.

"We will remember...this epic night!!"

Thanks for all!
#5 Marty Walker 2011-10-22 16:02
Wow Saxon. Look at the Chlean crowds. I too have been so happy to have shed a tear. Not because I'm a wimp. Rather the joy was to see and hear this band Saxon, who I think is so underated in this world, especially in my know-it-all Country like the Uited States. All your hard work is paying off. We hear your words from every song like " Never Surrender" my personal guiding song.Tell me please of any other band that writes such good albums that on all of them 6 or more are songs any band like Maiden wish they could write. I see no band since 1980 that has truly led the way. Oh how I wished I wasn't so sick with my diabetic problem in Detroit. I drove 7 hours to watch you guys, then to meet you again. I hope that I will have another chance to see you all in person again. We hear your words, and the music matches perfectly. Call to Arms is a masterpiece !!!!!
#4 LIVE WIRE 2011-10-22 05:26
by saxon to fulfill an old dream to have to face one of the most important bands of the style that I love since childhood ..... no doubt was one of the best nights of my life and hopefully can replay coming in the next turn ....... SAXON RULES !!!!!
#3 chris 2011-10-22 04:19
After 27 years I had the chance again to see my favorite band!! and what a great surprise to see you guys kicking ass, great time !! what a great music power of yours!! there are lots of bands coming but Music Legends you don`t see it anymore!!
come back soon !!and keep on rocki`forever!
#2 Jaime & Yasna 2011-10-21 22:05
Thanks Saxon for coming here!

At the age of 41 I had lost my hope of watching my favorite band but then ... The Eagle Landed in Santiago !! and made an absolutely AMAZING concert.

We the fans can tell the difference between bands that just plays, and those that give everything they’ve got on stage, and we know in what of these categories you are…You guys play true metal with true feeling and BIG COJONES !!!

Please come back soon !
Rock on,
#1 Álvaro Vera Aravena 2011-10-21 21:48
Señores de Saxon: gracias por venir a Chile, perdonen por favor la poca gente que fuimos a escuchar su grandiosa presentación.Al fin pude verlos y derramar lágrimas de alegría al escuchar "747 strangers in the night", mi favorita y me emocionaron hasta el alma con la épica "call to arms". Una vez más...muchas gracias

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