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Heavy Metal Thunder !!

Just a few more days until the European release date of “Heavy Metal Thunder – Live – Eagles Over Wacken” .

Saxon wants to know what questions you may have regarding the new DVD release, upcoming tour plans, or stories about Saxon and Wacken.

Post your ideas here and maybe the band members will answer your questions via Podcast.


#25 sam swales 2012-05-30 16:58
hey saxon .... i'm only 16 and i got into you guys after you played with my buddies in fury uk and i was just wondering on your next uk tour could you come to carlisle and play the sand centre or the brickyard? would love to meet you guys
#24 Travis and Kristy 2012-04-07 15:38
Hey guys out there!!!! Since there are only 500 of the d2c editions are there gonna be any released stateside and if so where can we get them. Thanks guys
#23 Renate 2012-04-06 17:11
Hi Travis and Kristy,
you can receive Heavy Metal Thunder the Movie
online at Full:Metal:Shop
#22 Travis and Kristy 2012-03-29 14:40
Hey here is another question for all you Saxon fans..... Does anyone have a clue where we can get a copy of Heavy Metal Thunder the movie??? Weve looked everywhere online and in stores in Tennessee US..... Any help????
#21 Kristy and Travis 2012-03-28 15:05
Hey Guys were are in Tennessee in the Us and we were wondering where we will be able to buy the D2C edition? You guys fukin rule and keep metal alive. Cant wait to see you live one day......
#20 Beerörn 2012-03-27 22:24
Hi guys,
last time you gave a concert in Wacken I was only 14 years old and went there with my uncle, who visited Saxon concerts already in the 80s. Heretofore I didn't know much more of you than the universally known songs. However after the gig I became a big Saxon fan and got my father's old LP's (Crusader and Denim and Leather, my favorite Saxon albums included). Over the time I bought 8 further Saxon LP's (mostly the old stuff, but also some new) and so I come to know the songs better than in 2009 when you made a survey of the songs to play in Wacken. So well, enough talked, my question to you is if you are going to make such kind of a survey this year again now that I know the songs? Furthermore after releasing 'Eagles over Wacken' I'm supposed it would be a great idea of taking part on Wacken's 'Meet & Greet', don't you think?
Can't wait for seeing you in Dortmund and Wacken this year - and play the fuckin' Crusader!!!
#19 martin from runcorn 2012-03-26 22:29
cant wait for the dvd met you at the Manchester Acadamy AT THE PRE SOUND CHECK 13/04/2012. the gig was great hope you will come to Manchester before the end of the year
#18 DioFan 2012-03-26 18:41
Where can i buy the limited DVD "Heavy Metal Thunder – Live – Eagles Over Wacken”?
#17 Mikee 2012-03-26 12:43
Where can i buy the limited DVD "Heavy Metal Thunder – Live – Eagles Over Wacken”?
#16 Scott Thomson 2012-03-25 22:10
Where will the D2C edition be available from?
Can't wait for the release.Hope you do another tour of England again soon.

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