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Hi everybody!

Saxon has never been a lazy band and especially this year we have been extremely busy! After we played several festivals all across Europe and some great gigs together with Judas Priest and the very first Hamburg Metal Days - we have almost finished the new album. The mix is done and the mastering is almost finished. We have guys who are right now putting the last details together and working bits and pieces out for the artwork. Watch out for further news releases like album cover, track list, some more behind the scenes info etc.

Since most of album production work is done, the band can’t keep their feet still and have decided to play a very short Christmas run of 3 dates:

07.12.2012  CH   Bern - Metal Christmas Festival
08.12.2012  NL   Haarlem - Patronaat
09.12.2012  NL   Roermund - ECI

For more tourdates click here...

We are looking forward to sharing the stage in Switzerland with our mates from Motörhead and Edguy and on the two Dutch shows we will be accompanied by Crimes Of Passion.
Everybody that comes to our two headliner shows will get little Christmas surprise and we will spoil you with at least one new song from the new album which we will perform live!

After that, the promotion machine starts; pre-listening sessions for journalists, interviews and, and, and…

So keep your eyes open because soon you will see the media full of new Saxon stuff!

Keep the faith!



#8 Daniel 2012-10-20 09:48
You guys are just the best!
#7 brian rhino 2012-10-17 22:58
fantastic stuff im really looking forward to it all, but youve got to come to cardiff millennium centre on next tour guys as we've been saxon starvrd since 2008
#6 jasperg55 2012-10-17 20:05
Great news indeed! my oh my, Saxon & Motorhead sounds like a dream bill to me!
#5 Uncle Ben 2012-10-17 05:46
Call To Arms-AWESOME album! Absolutely loved Hammer Of The Gods! Shows you guys can still put out a smokin' fast and solid tune! Hope the next one is just as awesome!
#4 ED MCCARTHY 2012-10-17 04:33
this is great news, im still rocking out to 2011s call to arms, as ive said before CALL TO ARMS WAS A TOP FORM SAXON RECORD and all i can say is i hope this record will be more in that vein, i know with todays technology you cant get that killer strong arm, wheels of steel or denim and leather sound and production but i never get sick of that stuff live, another record it would be great to hear live stuff from is unleash the beast from 1997, terminal velocity, the title track and thin red line are already classics in my book, another overlooked saxon record is 1992s forever free, hey i cant pick the setlist but i do indeed hope to see you guys back in nyc at some point in 2013, ive been a major fan since i bought an import copy of denim and leather back in 1981.
#3 Marty Walker 2012-10-16 18:20
I'm still jammin to CTA's. Obviously this new CD must be great. Any USA release dates. I have been getting them for the UK.
#2 paul 2012-10-16 18:11
hi guys looking forward to album etc. But whats happened to the hatfield gig? We have been waiting. some news soon please!
#1 Samuel 2012-10-16 17:52
Saxon please back to Slovakia!

05.09.2015 US Houston, TX
House Of Blues  
06.09.2015 US New Orleans, LA
Southport Hall  
08.09.2015 US St. Louis, MO
Pageant Theater