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SAXON "Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie" - Special Bundles


The silver eagle has finally landed for audiences worldwide!

After enjoying a limited "Fan Club Only" UK release, "Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie", Saxon’s wonderfully unfiltered and intimate account of their ascent to the upper echelons of heavy metal, will finally enjoy an international release this December.

Rivetingly honest, and including the frank memories of every musician who has played in the band, "Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie" pieces together the earliest incarnations of Saxon, from frontman Biff Byford’s teenage years in the coalmines of 'Yorkshire' and 'Son Of A Bitch' (the first incarnation of Saxon) all the way through to top 10 hits and world tours. Nothing is forsaken and nothing skipped.

"Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie" will entertain, engage and charm fans and non-fans alike.

That’s a truth as honest as the film itself…

The exclusive fan packages contain not only the Blu-Ray or 2 Disc-DVD, but also a Saxon "Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie" T-Shirt!

Order NOW online at:

UDR Shop: http://www.udr-music.com/index.php/en/saxon-products

Digital Stores: https://store.digitalstores.co.uk/saxon

Saxon "The Movie" Bundle Saxon "The Movie" Bundle


#4 Roger 2013-02-21 15:18
hello there
a bit dissapointed here.....i also got this in 2009 i thought it would be something special but now the same release comes out with a cheaper price and so on.....so why the fuck did i buy it in 2009
Back then it sold as a special release for the die hard fans with special things on it....and now everybody can buy it at an even better price sorry guys this is not ok....even worse
#3 Michał 2012-12-12 09:12
And I pre-ordered this in 2009
On digital stores is tracklisting and I think this is unluckily the same!But I hope that mistake and full-length St. Georges Day will be on this...
#2 nick saxon 2012-12-11 18:31
hey all
I also had pre oredered the 1st
I was wondering if there is any diference with the 1st version? Exept ffrom the tshirt?

Thx Nick
#1 ED MCCARTHY 2012-12-09 23:37
i pre ordered this back in 2009 and then recived it in 2010, IT CAME OUT GREAT!!!!!!!!! i see this edition is a 2 dvd set WHAT IS EXTRA HERE BESIDES THE T SHIRT??????? if anyone knows please tell me, i pre ordered my copy of this thursday from the digital store, i also ordered 2 shirts from the us fan shop here on the website, i never got a confirm e mail the shirts shipped but i got a confirm that this fan bundle shipped from the uk friday, anyway really looking foward to sacrifice in february BUT FOR THE SAKE OF GOD WHY IS LUCK OF THE DRAW AN I TUNES ONLY SONG?????? THIS SONG SHOULD BE ON THE DELUXE EDITION OF THE CD OR HEY EVEN THROW IT ON THE LP SET, ILL BE BUYING ALL FORMATS BUT NOT DOWNLOADING................ LONG LIVE SAXON!!!

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