Home News Saxon has confirmed two Shows in Holland!!

Saxon has confirmed two Shows in Holland!!

We have locked in two more shows in May and will play Holland!

Saxon Live at Metalfest Germany 110528TOUR DATES:

May 9 -  Zoetermeer Boerderij

May 10 - Uden De Pul

We are happy that we can extend our first run in April/May and will come back with some really good tour news soon!

Keep the faith!



#1 skierfe 2013-02-20 16:09
Great for Holland. But would really like to have some gigs in Belgium (other than dessel) Gent or Brügge are really nice towns par example and some in Germany too (other than the festivals) The Rheinland or Berlin (especially Berlin9 would be great.
Festivals are great, but ist's just that not everybody is able to go to these, so some "normal" concerts would be great too.

31.07.2015 SE Krislinge
01.08.2015 SE Rejmyre
Skogsröjet Festival  
06.08.2015 SE Gävle
Getaway Rock