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Saxon back home!! Show in Holmfirth confirmed!

We are quite pleased and happy to let you all know that we have just confirmed a gig in Holmfirth. This is not far from where Saxon started their conquering of the world!

We will rock the mighty and unforgettable Picturedome in Holmfirth on Friday 26th July.

Saxon box office / on line sales link
Online sales link http://www.thegigcartel.com/gigs/gig:2138
Box Office 0844 478 0898

See you in Holmfirth!

Keep the faith!



#2 KingM 2013-05-23 01:17
Please come to the US again soon, preferably to New England or New York. I'll be there!
#1 ED MCCARTHY 2013-05-04 17:24
great to see saxon never slowing down, it was very hard to hear what biff was saying in that podcast, regardless I hope the sacrifice tour comes to new York later this year, the new album is awesome and im still playing call to arms all the time, ive been a fan since 1981, saxon have not been this hot in 30 years now, keep rockin ed

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