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What do YOU know about Saxon?

Saxon RockscienceRock Science and Saxon are planning to test your knowledge by allowing you to submit questions to the Rock Game Of The Century.

Check out the Saxon Booster Pack site and join the fun: rockscience


#1 ED 2013-09-12 04:45
this is the modern geeked out shit that is destroying music!! lets stick to lps, 45s, 12 inches and cds................ anyway i will be seeing saxon in less then 24 hours in patchouge, cant wait, i didnt know you guys where rehersing in babylon.........

04.07.2015 PL Wroclaw
Eleven Bike Fest  
10.07.2015 BE Zottegem
Rock Zottegem  
18.07.2015 DE Fritzlar
Rock am Stück