Home News London Shepherds Bush 13th December

London Shepherds Bush 13th December

Doro Pesch will be guesting on stage with Saxon for a few songs! This will be a great night!
Its Saxons 35th anniversary show, 35th anniversary tour and its also Doro's 30th anniversary!

Keep the faith!



#3 robert bartlett 2014-06-29 07:55
S A C R I F I C E is fucking epic... im 48 and have been fan since the early 80's. but what u guies did on Sacrifice blew me away. im a big fan of bands like iron maiden, judas priest, ronnie james dio, ect. I listen to alot of bands in the same genere, but nothing i have ever heard can compare, in my opinion, to what u guies did on sacrifice. It is the best album i have ever listened to. Not one song sucked. Everyone involved with making Sacrifice possible needs to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. PLEASE tell me u plan on touring the US in the near future with Las Vegas show planned?
I repectfully request a reply to my last question, GREAT WORK!!!
#2 ED 2014-06-03 04:42
as much of a saxon fan as i have been since 1981 sticking by the band, buying all albums from 1981 until 2014 on the day of release etc etc it would be sooooo awesome if saxon came back to the us say early in 2015 and did the wheels, strong arm and denim and leather albums in there full so us us fans can get a real treat, just a suggestion, anyway i loved call to arms and sacrifice..... most of the albums from the 90s and last decade are killer .....
#1 Michał B. 2014-06-02 13:35
Great!I would like to see this show!Greetings from Warsaw!

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