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Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie


Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie - just entered the UK DVD charts at number 3
Thanks to everybody for helping to achieve this.

Biff Byford


#2 rowan campbell 2014-10-17 18:41
I, bought Saxon Heavy metal thunder the movie the 2 disk edition.
It, was fantastic Saxon are a superb band.
I, love watching the movie on disk 1 and disk had two concerts from 1981 and 2008 as well as extras.
Saxon, are my favourite heavy metal band!
#1 Voya 2012-04-24 16:46
Hey Biff & guys,

I am huge Saxon fan (grew up on your music) and I would like to order "Heavy Metal Thunder -The Movie" DVD (double or at least single edition)...but it's nowhere to be found?
Could you please maybe help me to order it/get it,through your web-site or otherwise?

Best regards!

Voya :)

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