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Latest website updates

Hello everyone!

To keep you up to date with everything, we've listed all the improvements we've made to the website this past month.

  • extensive commentary function on news, including RSS feed
  • connection to Last.fm
  • connection to Facebook
  • connection to RSS news feed
  • setting up the Facebook page
  • in the band section, a gallery has been built with band pictures of the last few years
  • the tour dates are all now links to the venues
  • in the gallery there are now several pictures from Wiesbaden
  • the list of logos in the footer is now up to date
  • forum layout customisation

  • also Biff is going to update / rewrite the lyrics as they have been wrong for quite some time
  • several intern technical renovations and corrections have been made...

We naturally hope to be able to give you an update each month on new changes, and will do our utmost to do so.

Enjoy the new features and hope to see you all on our new Facebook page.


#1 john 2012-01-17 02:05
Hello, would like you all to know my favorite saxon song is motorcycle man. I was just graduated from high school when that album came out and loved banging my head to it.
John in California

01.09.2015 US Austin, TX
Cedar Park Center  
02.09.2015 US San Antonio, TX
Aztec Theater  
03.09.2015 US El Paso, TX
Speaking Rock Entertainment Center