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Biff met Lady Gaga


Just want to wish all our fans around the world a Happy Christmas and a great new year !

Just an update on what's been happening on planet Saxon...we've been working hard on the new album, a big thank you to everyone at hard rock hell who came to the show. We were stuck in the snow a day before the show so I went out and bought a 4x4 truck from the local garage so we could get there (that's dedication for you !). Unfortunately 2 days later the clutch went...

So I spent a cold lonely 3hrs on the A1 waiting for the AA man to turn up !
Got passes to see Lady Gaga for my daughter but she couldn't go so I went with our agent, Steve.. As we walked back stage we met the manager of heavy metal DJ Lady Starlight and a couple of members of the support act Semi-precious weapons and they invited us back to the dressing room for a drink. As we drained our glasses we said thanks and say hello to lady Gaga from us The show was great, we went off to the back stage bar for another drink. Suddenly Lady Starlight came in and said that lady Gaga would like to meet us, then we had a fantastic 50 mins with Miss Gaga who is a massive heavy rock fan and Saxon fan talking everything rock. She's a great lady and it was a great privilege to meet her. I think she's put a picture on her twitter. Just Google Biff and Gaga and it'll come up.

Looking forward to the cruise and off back to Australia again in February and may have to do some recording over there on our days off ( no rest for the wicked ) and the new World tour starts in Greece.

We're not on SPV anymore and we're talking to different record companies around the world. It's important we find the right one for the band.

Keep the faith

Biff Byford.


#6 Damslapatate 2011-01-07 22:34
Hi Biff,
Best wishes for this new year. I saw you last year at the Colmar's Hard rock Session, this show was great and i really liked Denim and Leather dedicated to RJ Dio. That was awsome ! See you in Luxembourg on May !!
You're making wonderful music ! Keep rockin' guys !
#5 andrew 63 2011-01-01 13:39
hi biff,
last saw you in 88 at the newport center south wales uk, i met you at your sound check and you took me in to meet the other guys ( what a guy and what a great night), i still have my tour programe in mint condition, now 23 years later i live in queensland and i am going to soundwave with my sons,how great it is to take them to gigs i went to including iron maiden and know that they appreciat the same music. cant wait to see you guys again
#4 David Henderson 2010-12-28 13:55
Hi Biff best wishes to you and the guys from me and my misses we met last year at machester and hope to meet you again this time! we were too starr struck to actually speak lol but cheers you guys are no 1 !!
#3 Jamie Ridley 2010-12-25 14:28
Awesome! Merry Christmas Saxon! All the best! Roll on April!
#2 george 2010-12-20 20:48
we love you!!!!SAXON FOR EVER AND EVER!!!
#1 Snaggletooth 2010-12-20 09:37
When and where in Australia...so many years ago I actually had a membership number to the "Saxon National Guard

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