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Cancellation of Australia

Dear fans,

We are unfortunately forced to cancel our Australia trip due scheduling problems with the new album recordings.

We apologise for cancelling but due to the bad weather conditions we had in the UK during the recording sessions we have suffered various delays and we can't just drop the production and leave -  we have producers booked and mix engineers waiting to finish the album, which is titled "Call To Arms".

We have looked at this from all sides, but too many people are involved so we have made the choice to finish the album and we apologise again.

We hope you can understand that we have not made this decision lightly.

Kind regards



#36 WISCONSIN ROCKS! 2013-02-17 20:52
1984 "SAXON" Played w/ Krokus/Cheap trick. I was 16 years old, standing directly in front row by "BIFF",after the band was done, "BIFF" walked by me and said hello. I WILL NEVER forget This band as I Originally went to see Cheap Trick, Like everyone else, BUT, I quickly Fell In LOVE w/ "SAXON"..I didnt even care if I seen Cheap Trick anymore, End of story was, I ended Up STRANDED at this concert which I was very far away from home..Finally Hitched a ride, and the VERY next day, I couldnt wait till my Local record Store opened to BUY every SAXON album I could find.. And I did Just that, So the story Goes, I drove my PArents crazy w/ "SAXON" hits for months..Now"30YEARS LATER", I am still "The Princess Of The Night"!!!!! "SAXON, COME BACK TO Wisconsin ( WAUSAU)... WE LOVE YOU....
#35 Andrewh 2011-02-28 11:11
Have just gotten back home from attending gig at the Espy. Was a tad short, however, given that the Gershwin Room door was locked, & no Fucker was there! Suggest you guys choose another Ticketing agency next time, Ticketek seems to have trouble communicating these little cancellation detailis to it's customers.....
#34 Chris 2011-02-26 02:59
Not much point arriving at soundwave early now Saxon have cancelled. More respect a better time slot I'm sure saxon would have banged heads downunder
I still think they should have opened the maiden show i'n Sydney last person to use bad weather excuse was Mick mars i'n 88 !!!!
#33 David Harrihill 2011-02-26 02:35
I was really looking forward to seeing Saxon, 30 years since the first time on the Denim and Leather tour. Surely a few days at Soundwave would only delay the album by say a week and who would it affect, oh I know it would cost some more money. Well the delay is down to the bad weather and if it costs more it costs more. Dont let the fans down. Perhaps the album will sell a rather lower volume down under now. This is really bad, really really bad. It will take more than a cup of tea to get over this. Thanks for nothing. As my second favorite band on the bill I would think that I am owed at least $30 refund. Dont you guys sign contracts. Your word is your bond is what my teacher used to say, obviously they did not teach this in Barnsley.
#32 Marty 2011-02-25 09:50
I am broken hearted, I dont even feel like going to the Soundwave festival anymore & there are 67 other bands with Iron Maiden head lining, I have followed you guys for 20 years & hoped you would someday visit Adelaide & then you do but cancel. It sucks we get that excuse but you guys can still manage to play in Bangkok 5 days later. The Oz Saxon fans have been let down.
#31 TJ 2011-02-25 07:11
Been telling all my Ozzie mates here in Perth how Saxon will be one of the Big Guns at Soundwave 2011. Saw you guys alot in the early eighties back in England! I figured it was too good too be true,the two biggest NWOBHM bands of all time on the same bill Down Under! Perth has for years had too put up with bands cancelling at the last minute so we're kind of used too it. However,Perth has a pretty solid Metal community now and the bands are coming,in the last few years we've had Maiden, Priest, Kreator, Cradle of Filth to name but a few,i think Destruction were the last band to cancel a year or so ago! Saxon,Don't forget Australia, Metal is Alive and Kicking in this Great Southern Land!
#30 AD 2011-02-24 00:34
Am really disappointed, especially as it gives the promoter AJ Maddah of Soundwave a chance to say 'nobody cares'. Unfortunately he is the only one doing much with heavy rock in this country (Australia) and we are at his mercy...
Had to cancel my flights from Adelaide to melbourne and believe it has been done before. Dont give half assed promoters any more excuses to bail out on bringing heavy rock Down Under.
Good luck for your next attempt...I will stil try and make it if you do but I dont like your chances
#29 Shell 2011-02-23 11:53
Perhaps if you put a few more hours in each day at the studio you could catch up with the album and still do the Australia tour. Surely letting the fans down shouldn't have been an option. Its not like you come here all the time
#28 Taha 2011-02-23 02:51
The Saxon tickets are still on sale here for Australia! Did anyone tell the agencies about the cancellation?
#27 David 2011-02-22 14:07
This is fucked. I have been waiting to see Saxon for 20 years and now this. Two cancellations in a few years. Yet they can announce Asian shows? Bad weather delayed the album's recording? That's a shit excuse. Where are they recording it - outside? This leaves me very pissed off

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