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Monday, 08 August 2011


Just got back from Japan

The shows in Spain with Priest were fantastic. Great audience and good to meet them again and Motörhead. Shows in Tokyo were special. First band there after earthquake so they said great atmosphere and we spent some time at the meet and greet . We are announcing further shows soon which will make this tour the longest for many years I think. It will be around 150 days since March all around the world. I am working on setting more charity meet and greets will be talking to the promoters when dates get confirmed. So off for a well earned rest and a curry, next show Poland and then holidays.

Keep the faith

Biff byford

P.S.: Some people are talking of reunions. I can tell you all now while ever ex members are living in the past and pretending to be in Saxon at every opportunity there will be no reunion. As I have said before: we allowed them to use Oliver Dawson Saxon so they could earn money but they are not allowed to do anything else. I know all of you do not like the fact that they can use this name but if they cross the line too far we will enforce our high court injunction. After all we did allow them to appear on the heavy metal thunder live DVD which was done for the fans as it should be. Saxon are on a fantastic journey at the moment and we have a great legacy of music but that includes all our music not just parts of it.


Contest winner

Sunday, 07 August 2011

Ballad Of The Working Man

The people have spoken and the winner is the dog Brett Scarrott.

Brett will be receiving a canvas print of the Call To Arms album cover.

Our special thanks to all that voted and especially to our lookalikes.


Release dates for Japan and South America

Monday, 25 July 2011

Call To Arms will be in stores in Japan on the 25th of July and hit the stores in Brazil and Argentina on the 25th of August.

Check out your local dealer or get ready for the download!

Another date confirmed for North America

Thursday, 21 July 2011

We are happy to announce that we are also playing the Club Red in Tempe, AZ on the 5th of October. Further we had to change two dates and this is now the right order of the dates:
30.09.2011 Santa Clara -The Avalon, 01.10.2011 Sacramento (actually Orangevale) -The Boardwalk

For the complete list of tour dates click here.


Vote for the best "Lord Lookalike"

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Show me your hands!

The Lord Lookalike contest entry is now closed for more candidates.
We have presented the youngest, oldest, hairiest and the most outrageous Lords.
Now its time to vote for your favorite from the Volunteer Gallery top 12 Lookalikes.


South America tour dates

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Call To Arms world tour rolls into South America in October. See you all there.

Keep the faith

Here are the dates:



Santiago - New Rockola
Rio de Janeiro - Ilha dos Pescadores
Sao Paulo - HSBC Brasil
Curitiba - MasterHall
Buenos Aires - El Teatro Flores

Chile tickets available via:  www.ticketmaster.cl

Argentina tickets available via:  www.ticketek.com.ar

Brazil tickets available via:  www.ticketbrasil.com.br


The gallery is open for the "Lord Lookalike" Contest

Thursday, 07 July 2011

Under the CONTEST heading you will find the first proud entries for the "Lord Lookalike" contest.


Tour news!

Friday, 01 July 2011

We are happy to announce first confirmed new tour dates.

28.09.2011    US    Los Angeles, CA - The Key Club
29.09.2011    US    Santa Rosa, CA - The Last Day Saloon
30.09.2011    US    Sactramento, CA - The Boardwalk
01.10.2011    US    Santa Clara, CA - The Avalon
02.10.2011    US    Santa Ana, CA - The Galaxy
03.10.2011    tba
04.10.2011    tba
06.10.2011    tba
07.10.2011    US    San Antonio, TX - Sunkin Gardens
08.10.2011    US    Saint Charles (Chicago), IL - The Arcada Theatre
09.10.2011    tba
10.10.2011    tba
11.10.2011    tba
13.10.2011    US    New York, NY - B. B. King
14.10.2011    US    Springfield, VA - Jaxx
15.10.2011    US    Baltimore, MD - Bourbon Street

First dates are in for the second leg of Europe. Here are the first shows:

23.11.2011    DE    Halle - Easy Schorre
24.11.2011    DE    Bremen - Aladin
25.11.2011    DE    Lichtenfels - Christmas Metal Festival
10.12.2011    DE    Karlsruhe - Knock Out Festival
11.12.2011    DE    Bochum - Zeche

More dates to follow.

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