Monday, 29 October 2012

As we promised: Here is the next big one!

Saxon is headlining the Rock Stage at Sweden Rock Festival next year! Not only that but as said before we will be able to bring the "Heavy Metal Thunder" Production and give the Swedish a show they have never ever seen before!!!
We are looking forward to come back to one of the greatest festivals in the world!

On another hand we got multiple questions re our postponed gig in Hatfield. After we tried several times to tie this gig in some of our live plans and haven't been successful we decided to let this gig go. Everybody of you who bought a ticket will be refunded by your ticket master. We promise you to try and to find another option for Hatfield some day next year but we couldn't take the responsibility to let you wait any longer.

Keep the faith!


Saxon live plans - Saxon Facebook has cracked 70k followers!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

We are still busy with the last final details for the new album! Major announcement re the new album will follow shortly!

In the meantime we want to thank you all for your support! That gives us the strength and the will to move on and to work as hard as we can! Your support is not only viewable in all the nice letters and emails and everything you are sending but also in the fantastic amount of Facebook followers! We have reached the unbelievable number of 70.273!!!

To give you a little bit back we confirmed to play the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen, Germany on the second July weekend. The great thing is that we don't just play a "normal" headline gig. We are bringing the mighty "Heavy Metal Thunder" Production we already used on this years Wacken Festival! We will see where else we are able to take this production and keep you of course updated. Further live dates will be also announced soon.


News from Saxon

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hi everybody!

Saxon has never been a lazy band and especially this year we have been extremely busy! After we played several festivals all across Europe and some great gigs together with Judas Priest and the very first Hamburg Metal Days - we have almost finished the new album. The mix is done and the mastering is almost finished. We have guys who are right now putting the last details together and working bits and pieces out for the artwork. Watch out for further news releases like album cover, track list, some more behind the scenes info etc.

Since most of album production work is done, the band can’t keep their feet still and have decided to play a very short Christmas run of 3 dates:

07.12.2012  CH   Bern - Metal Christmas Festival
08.12.2012  NL   Haarlem - Patronaat
09.12.2012  NL   Roermund - ECI

For more tourdates click here...

We are looking forward to sharing the stage in Switzerland with our mates from Motörhead and Edguy and on the two Dutch shows we will be accompanied by Crimes Of Passion.
Everybody that comes to our two headliner shows will get little Christmas surprise and we will spoil you with at least one new song from the new album which we will perform live!

After that, the promotion machine starts; pre-listening sessions for journalists, interviews and, and, and…

So keep your eyes open because soon you will see the media full of new Saxon stuff!

Keep the faith!


News from Biff

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Hi all,
just mixing album at Andy Sneaps studio
Like to say a big thank you to all at Ls live in east Kirkby for building a studio for us, and Jackie for engineering the album.
Paul Gregory is doing the album art work again for us and it's all looking and sounding great.
Should have some dates up on site soon.

Keep the faith

Podcast - In the studio 3

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


R.I.P. Billy Bowman

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Just heard our good friend Billy Bowman died last night! He has been Saxon's travel agent for a long time. Getting us around the planet on time and back again.

He will be sorely missed by many bands and friends…

R.I.P. to absent friends.


Saxon News

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hi everybody!

We have finally reached the point where we are all going on holiday and will hopefully be enjoying the well deserved time off!

We’ve had a very successful year so far. The festivals and the shows with Judas Priest were a blast and the recent festival run with one of the all time band highlights at Wacken Open Air will never be forgotten! A great big thanks to our amazing crew who did a fantastic job -  to say this in (correct) "Wacken" terms: the band was good but the crew were brilliant!

The progress of the new album is quite far - just some final vocals and a few last bits and pieces are missing. Most likely, our mate Andy Sneap is going to mix the album.

As we said on our press conference at Wacken, we are looking at a release date in February. Our touring plans for the upcoming world tour 2013, as we are setting them up right now, will kick of in the states with one of our highlights, the 2Monsters Of Rock Cruise” (we have just confirmed this). This is very special for us as we have been a major part of the Monsters Of Rock history and we are proud to be still part of it today.

After the cruise we will head down to South America where we will play cities that we haven't been to for ages, but also we’ll go back to some of the great metal towns we played last year. We are planning to play Mexico as the last gig of the South & Middle American leg and then fly from there to New York to complete the American dates.

Once again, we will be conquering the UK with some highlights;  Our annual St. George's Day will be held for the first time in Manchester at the Ritz theatre!

After the UK dates,  we will do some more shows in continental Europe where we will hit the festival season. There is some talk about being part of the “Full Metal Cruise” but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

The first festival show has been announced for 2013; We will headline the “Bang Your Head” festival in Balingen, Germany. The really exciting thing about it is that we will take the “Heavy Metal Thunder - Eagles Over Wacken” stage production with us - BIG stage set, moving drum riser, pyros, CO2 jets and, and, and,... We will try to bring this stage production to as many festivals as possible next year to reach and please as many fans as possible!

As always, it is our credo to make the best fans in world happy and we are so grateful and thankful for your support - Our Facebook site has now more than 60.000 supporters! You guys rock!!!

After our short holiday we will be playing the “Hamburg Metal Dayz” in September 2012 which is powered by the Wacken Festival. The DVD production “Heavy Metal Thunder - The Movie” (which is a superb documentary about Saxon) will be finally released in autumn and will be available for everyone, everywhere. We will also offer the DVD on the official web shop and in the US online shop we recently launched via our website.

In November 2012 we may go to India  for the first time ever. We are in discussion and are awaiting news from our agent - we will keep you updated if we will be enjoying an original curry soon...:-)

Once again, we thank you all for your support and we can’t wait to see you somewhere soon!

Keep the faith!!


Saxon official US Online Shop

Monday, 30 July 2012

Official Saxon merchandise now available for fans in the USA.

Check out the new shop page for US customers at the following link:

Saxon official US shop

More items will be added soon – let us know what you would like to see


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