"School of Hard Knocks" Cover Artwork

We had lots of questions and comments about the artwork on Biff's upcoming solo album "School of Hard Knocks", so we asked him about & here's what he told us:

"The artwork is a painting I bought last year in auction. I liked it - later I had the idea to use it as the art work. Steph Byford did the logos - here’s a bio I found:

John Hanley (born 1947)

His passion is Lowry type paintings, he was fortunate enough to meet the man himself, although only briefly in 1961 when he was at school in Blackburn. Lowry made a short speech and showed some of his work to the art class and John will always remember him saying “l am just a man that that likes to paint” that’s when he became fond of his works. John used to paint pet portraits for family and friends as a paying hobby alongside his career as a draughtsman in the engineering trade. John started to paint and sell what he likes to call his "like a Lowry style" commercially after retiring in 2009. John describes his works as follows - "l like to think that my colourful and sometimes humorous style reflects my personality."


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