Destiny (1988)

Tracklist CD

01. Ride Like The Wind
02. Where The Lightning Strikes
03. I Can't Wait Anymore
04. Calm Before The Storm
05. S.O.S.
06. Song For Emma
07. For Whom The Bell Tolls
08. We Are Strong
09. Jericho Siren
10. Red Alert

Produced by: Stephan Galfas


01. Ride Like The Wind (4:28)

It is the night, my body's weak (*)
I'm on the run, no time for sleep
I've got to ride, ride like the wind
To be free again

I was born the son of a lawless man
Always spoke my mind with a gun in my hand
Lived nine lives, gunned down ten
Gonna ride like the wind

And I've got such a long way to go (**)
To make it to the border of Mexico
So I'll ride like the wind
Ride like the wind

Accused and tried and told to hang
I was nowhere in sight when the churchbells rang
Never was the kind to do as I was told
Gonna ride like the wind before I get old

(Repeat **)
(Repeat *)
(Repeat **)

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02. Where The Lightning Strikes (4:20)

Travelling down life's highway, carry the heavy load
Where will we be, be tomorrow, somewhere down the road
We won't forget the friends we made along the way
Soon we'll be together, together one fine day

Where the lightning strikes, is where we're gonna be (*)
Stood on the edge of tomorrow, there waits our destiny

I hear the sound of rolling thunder, like the beating of a drum
There's many been, been before us, there are many still to come
See the new day, the new day dawning, it's only just begun
We march into the future, towards the rising sun

Beyond the wide, wide horizon, there's many paths to tread
A journey filled, filled with wonder, is waiting just ahead

(Repeat *)

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03. I Can't Wait Anymore (4:26)

You keep me waiting, you won't answer the phone
I know you're home, but you're not alone
Stop playing games girl
You're playing with my heart

I was a fool to fall for your lies
It took so long for me to open my eyes
I was a stranger
A stranger from the start

How long must I stand out in the cold (*)
Can't you see the writing's on the wall
I been waiting
I can't wait anymore

The more I want you, the less I get
I've been alone since the day that we met
I'm trying hard girl
I'm trying to forget

I walked the streets and I stood at your door
You gave me nothing and I came back for more
You were a stranger
A stranger to my heart

(Repeat *)

I was a fool to fall for your lies
It took so long for me to realise
I was a stranger
A stranger from the start

(Repeat *)

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04. Calm Before The Storm (3:46)

I can't stop my tears from falling (*)
Falling down like rain
Your words of wisdom
Call to me
I hang my head in shame
We're living in the calm before the storm
We're living in the calm before the storm

He used to be the fisherman
Who sailed the mighty sea
Searching for the harvest from the deep
But now the fleets are rusting hulks
Anchored at the quay
Floating on a cold grey empty sea

(Repeat *)

My father was a working man
He gave his life to me
His spirit reaches out
Through time and guides my destiny

(Repeat *)

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05. S.O.S. (6:05)

The band played and the cameras turned
As the bottle smashed on her bow
The flagship of the gilded age
Moved slowly out to sea
Never had such luxury
Been seen afloat before
They said she was unsinkable
The fools were wrong once more

S.O.S. (*)
We're sinking fast, you better get to the boats
The captain cried for God sakes save your souls

Sailing on into the night
Toward the northern star
Laughter rang, people danced
Under crystal chandeliers
No-one sensed the danger
In the unforgiving sea
Steaming into legend
A voyage into history
(Repeat *)

2,000 tortured souls cry out
Cry out from their sleep
Damned to spend eternity
Travellers of the deep

(Repeat *)

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06. Song For Emma (4:46)

Emma stands alone tonight
Staring at the stars
Trying to find the reason why
Her world was torn apart
She's sick and tired of trying to keep
The wolves back from the door

She couldn't stand the pain (*)
She tried to come in from the rain
She was a victim of her heart
Is no-one to blame

What happened to the dreams she had
Visions of her life
Now they're only shadows
Fading in the night
She's given up believing
Turned her back and slammed the door

(Repeat *)

Emma weeps alone tonight
Passion was her crime
No-one hears her cry for help
Her back's against the wall
She's standing on her very edge
She's waiting for the fall

(Repeat *)

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07. For Whom The Bell Tolls (3:55)

A city divided
The West and the East
Tear down the walls
And give them release
People are marching
They're out in the street
Shouting for freedom
Shouting for peace

How many more children (*)
Must die on the wall
They'll never be free
Until the bell tolls

The toll of the bell
Is Liberty's song
A city united
Is where they belong
A push of the button
And everything's gone
Total destruction
Comes with the bomb

(Repeat * twice)

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08. We Are Strong (3:57)

Somebody gets all the breaks, but it's never you
Maybe today is the day you'll pull trough
Everyone's chasing their dream at the end of the rainbow
You gotta follow your heart, that's where you have to go

We are strong (*)
We will survive
We are strong
We will survive

Battered and torn
Ride out the storm
Break through the clouds of night
And head on home

Life keeps kicking you down, but you come back for more
You take all the knocks pick yourself up off the floor
Everyone's looking for someone to hold in the night
Believe in yourself, stand tall and take up the fight

(Repeat *)

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09. Jericho Siren (3:38)

Out of the sky came the sound of the thunder
Hiding the sun from your sight
Remember the screams of the Jeicho siren
Howling like wolves in the night

Attack! They are coming with the dawn (*)
Attack! Your city's going to fall
Jericho siren

Run for your lives, run with the refugee
They're pounding you blow after blow
Your country is burning the screams of humanity
Rise from ashes below

(Repeat *)

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10. Red Alert (4:36)

We were on the Russian border
When the news began to break
Of a nuclear reactor melting down
Sending deadly clouds of dust
Into the atmosphere
Falling down like rain on the ground

We were laying in the sun
Listening to the radio
When someone said you'd better get inside
We didn't know how serious the situation was
That many people to the North had died

Red alert, red alert (*)
Screaming in my head
There's something I'm not sure of going down
Red alert, red alert
Screaming in the night
That fallout seems to follow me around

We made our way to Hungary
Thinking we were safe there from the storm
But the deadly cloud was high above taken by the wind
Spreading like a plague across the land
A threat you couldn't see
Nothing you could feel
But something evil floating in the air
Look towards the East
The danger yet to come
For the Earth
We made a silent prayer

(Repeat *)

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